Business Accounts

Currently unavailable due to upgrade to xF2.

If you're on Virtual Market, chances are that you might run a business and if that's the case then we want you to be able represent yourself appropriately as well as have fun on the website, that's why we have business accounts.

How do I create a business account?

Sign up as normal and select business account when signing up.

How do I convert my account to a business / personal account?

Head to your account settings through your user menu and select the appropriate option under account type.

How do I log in to my business account?

Log out and log back in, currently switching accounts is unavailable.

How many business accounts am I allowed?

As many as you need.

What's the difference between a business account and a normal account?

- A business account has a user banner to let everyone know that it's a business.

- Business accounts are exempt from rule 1.4.1.

- Regular accounts are less restricted than business accounts.

My business account was banned, can I appeal this?

In rare circumstances we may ban a business account in error or it may get flagged by our anti-spam, please create a support ticket if this happens to your account.

My account is set to business but I don't have the banner?

Please check that business account is set in account settings and that you have clicked save. Allow up to 24 hours for the banner to sync, if after this time period you do not have the banner yet then please submit a ticket.

Why can I not leave reputation from my business account?

We have made the decisions that business accounts should not be able to leave reputation, though they can receive it, to prevent misuse (1.10.3).

Why can I not leave ratings from my business account?

Business accounts are unable to leave ratings to prevent abuse of the system, see rule 1.10.3.

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