We offer monthly rewards for participating in our community and helping grow the forums, here's a run-down on our rewards systems!

Monthly Referral Rewards

How It Works

Time Period

We run the referral rewards contest from the first of the month through the last day, starting soon - keep an eye on our announcements and twitter!

1st Place Prize

Exclusive Gold 1st Place Referral Award

$10 via as one of the following: PayPal, BTC, Amazon, Steam, Xbox, PS4.

2nd Place Prize

Exclusive Gold 2nd Place Referral Award

3rd Place Prize

Exclusive Gold 3rd Place Referral Award

Referral Award

Coming Soon..

Discord Tagging

What We Ask

Send this promotion in your Discord server, with an @here, @everyone or role tag between 17:00 - 23:00 BST.

What We Offer

Dependant on the size of the server, we may offer a discount code up to 100% on any of our advertisements and an exclusive award.

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