Promoting Us

You want to share Virtual Market? That's great! We want this to be as easy as possible for you so here's some resources to help you out.

Discord Servers

If you run a server then discord is a great way to get the word out about Virtual Market and we've made it as easy as copy and pasting the text in the box below to your server!

Virtual Market has recently launched, providing @everyone a safe, secure and friendly marketplace forum to buy, sell, trade, request, and offer services for anything.

➥ Frequent updates, a fair reputation system, and a very experienced team.
➥ One of the fastest growing marketplace forums with over 10K posts and 1K members.
➥ All the features of any other marketplace forums, without the toxicity and lack of innovation.
➥ Find new products, niches and offer services not allowed elsewhere as it's not limited to any games.
➥ An open discord server that's free for all of our community to use and it's not going anywhere.

Check out the site at
Join the community:
Discord server:

If your Discord server has 300+ members, please submit a ticket before posting the announcement with the title "Discord Promo" and include your discord server url - we'll join to check it's sent and will give you access to our #self-promotion channel provided the promo is sent as a mass-tag.
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