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A clean and modern homepage for your personal website.

I am currently using this personal website with a few edits.

This is a single page, there is no contact / gallery - you would have to add them yourself or purchase the premium version when it's available.

This is not responsive at the moment and I have no plans to update it to be responsive.

If you'd like any edits, I may be able to do them for you for a small fee - just contact me via private message or discord.​

If you'd like to remove the copyright / credit, please contact me via private message as there is a small fee.​

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Excellent job Verringer, I have no background in HTML5 and editing this to make it my own was simple, easy, and my own personal homepage was up & running in less than 5 minutes! Would definitely recommend this to a user looking to save some money while also getting that professional homepage they deserve! I'd like to conclude this with one suggestion, maybe relocating the social media icons under the the website as the top right of the website looks very crowded & chaotic. All in all, great job Verringer, looking forward to some more sweet templates

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