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  1. Verringer

    Scroll vacuum pump

    Love some spam.
  2. Verringer

    Hello VM

    Welcome 👋🏼 I haven't managed to get in to Destiny, think I might have to give it a go on the Series X if it's good enough for a service! Let us know if you need anything :)
  3. Verringer

    Chat message

    We really need somebody to manage this project so just waiting for that right person.
  4. Verringer

    Chat message

    Not dead but just sorta on informal hold.
  5. Verringer

    Best movie of the year so far?

    Bit of a rough year for releases but what's worth watching?
  6. Verringer

    Chat message

  7. Verringer

    Chat message

    Does it work
  8. Verringer

    Chat message

  9. Verringer

    Chat message

  10. Verringer

    Chat message

    Not sure on this shoutbox..
  11. Verringer

    Follow For Follow on Twitter!

    Dropped you a follow, you already know my @ 😎
  12. Verringer

    Last thing you watched?

    I've been watching community again, forgot how good it was tbh
  13. Verringer

    TV Tuners for Plex (UK) on Linux

    Forgot to update this, decided on the Xbox one - worked a charm but live tv is a bit slow to load on Plex. Currently got the antenna plugged in to back of the new TV - but it'll be going back in the server using Xbox thing as soon as I have a new home server 🕺
  14. Verringer

    Site Update Turning over a New Leaf

    Here's to the next chapter 🎈
  15. Verringer

    Just launched a update to my site 🥳

    Ah that's gutting, I've got £70 between two accounts so I desperately need to empty one of them and it's just a case of waiting now :(
  16. Verringer

    Just launched a update to my site 🥳

    You won't believe this! AdSense keep declining me because of COVID 😭
  17. Verringer

    Just launched a update to my site 🥳

    Wanted to share what I've been working on for the last few months with mistermantas XenForo design from scratch, brand new branding (logos, icons, guidelines..), new player page. Would love to hear your feedback ❤
  18. Verringer


    Hey, Things are pretty quiet at the moment, my focus is currently in trying to stabilise all my projects and the first priority is GGRadio. GGRadio workload should lift a bit after 7/7 - so then I'll be starting to look in to where we go with Virtual Market. I'm thinking we perfect some things...
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