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  1. mistermantas

    Closed ⚡ Looking for people who can revive my unique concept semi-realistic server Polar Galaxy

    Hi there, I'm not the most active on this forum, as I'm a fairly busy person, but I have one thing and it's nostalgia for Minecraft (which is eating me up like no other person could). — JOIN DISCORD 1. Is this paid? No. 2. Why should I join? Either: (a) you want to be part of a community...
  2. mistermantas

    I wrote a song with my friend called “Regret to Forget” — what do you think?

    [Eglė] Fucky wucky Let's get lucky Do a sucky On my cucky Make it touchy Make it quickie Make me hungry For dat cummie [Mantas] I'm not picky Like it sticky In my tummy Cummy wummy Get it on And get it up Get it in me Fuck me rough! [Drop] [Eglė] You know me I'm hot stuff Cum with me...
  3. mistermantas

    Requesting Need manager

    I'm a graphic designer & web developer and I take pride in my work. I need a manager to get more clients. And a good one at that. Here's a link to my thread: I'm looking for someone at least 16, with at least a few connections, really good writing &...
  4. mistermantas

    Requesting Need a manager for my dev & design services (yes, still looking!)

    Can give % based on final agreed price. Linky: Join my Discord and talk to me there
  5. mistermantas

    Favorite TV show?

    Animated - R&M Otherwise - The Good Place
  6. mistermantas

    I made an open source status page and I think it's really good

    It's called cState. Here's the summary: > Über fast, backwards compatible (IE8+), tiny, and simple status page built with Hugo. Completely free with Netlify & GitHub Pages. That last point will probably interest a few people, it costs NOTHING to set it up and maintain it. v2 is almost ready...
  7. mistermantas

    What can you buy with $0.66 using PayPal?

    Apart from giving that money away. Withdraw minimum is $1 :/
  8. mistermantas

    Selling @minecraftsqrd twitter account (235 followers) Not sure how much it's worth but it's an empty account someone could use for marketing a server or whatever. Wouldn't be worth more than $5, I'm guessing.
  9. mistermantas

    Offering mnts ⚡ staff ⏳ The fastest sites ⏰ Thread designs, front-end web dev, UI/UX ☕

    Hi there! My main thread is over on the Graphics subforum (clicky on the linky: I feel like the thread categories aren't setup right here (and Verringer agress with me as far as I can tell...
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