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Selling Apex's Bot Development | Portfolio Included :)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Apex, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Apex

    Apex Member


    some provided bots, but not limited to:

    Simple Moderation Bot
    • ban
    • kick
    • mute
    • punishment logs
    Advanced Moderation Bot
    • All from basic
    • tempban
    • tempmute
    • polls command
    • suggestion command
    • welcome messages
    • leave messages (if requested)
    • message logs ( deleted messages, updated messages etc )
    • delete discord links ( auto kick/mute/ban can be added )
    • Spam Prevention ( with configurable users that bypass )
    • SQL Support ( Punishments Logged To A Database )
    • Auto Mute On Join if Muted
    Simple Ticket Bot ($2.00)
    • new
    • close
    • add
    • remove
    Advanced Ticket Bot
    • all from simple
    • ticket logs
    • pay command (Splits a given number into percentages[Designed for teams])
    • commission system
    • application system
    • sql support
    Join my Discord ( link below ) and open a ticket.
    Bot add-ons:

    Command: ( $0.50 per /command )

    Verification System ( $1.50 [if requested, only one can, and will be created])
    • Role Reaction Verification
    • Command Verification
    • Random Generated Code Verification
    Bot Hosting ( $1.30 per / month )
    • No Panel Access
    • No FTP Access
    • No SSH Access
    • If you want changes, I will gladly make them
    • 24/7 Unless the server itself goes offline
    • may in the future provide panel access via; Pterodactyl

    Portfolio: can be found here

    My bots are developed in Node / DiscordJS
    All bots are provided in a .exe file, src can be purchased for an additional fee.

    (By contacting me for a service, you automatically agree I have complete control over your purchased service)
    • You may not leak, resell, or claim my work as your own without me giving permission
    • You may not attempt to open any sort of charge back, doing so could result in a lawsuit.
    • I don't have to provide support any longer than 2 weeks after any finished product has been sent.
    • I reserve the right to deny whomever I please.
    • I reserve the right to cancel your service, granted a respectable reason is given, with or without a refund
    • I can edit, add or remove my terms of service without notifying you.
    • All bots are provided in a exe file, any sort of domiciling could result in a lawsuit.
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  2. Nevexo

    Nevexo Zoom zoom it's Nev. Enhanced Advanced Developer

  3. OP

    Apex Member

    Update: @ (May, 25th 2019)

    > Bot Hosting Now Supplied Via Full Panel and SFTP Access;
    > All purchases over $10 come with a free month of bot hosting if requested;
    > New SEX C Thread From: Focus :heart:><br><br>Thanks [img src=

    ~ Apex
  4. OP

    Apex Member

    Update (June, 19th 2019 @ 9:30 MST)

    > New Discord
    > New Discord bot, with better functionality; such as:
    - Automatic PayPal Invoicing;
    - PayPal invoice PAID alerts (Automatic roles as well)
    - More optimization.
    - immense data logging
    - and a few other irrelevant, non-displayed features;.

    ~ Apex