Selling Banned's Discord Boosting | Made over $200 | Profit to be made|Everything you need to start a comany


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Today, I am announcing the fully official closer of Banned's Discord Boosting / Tokens. Which means I will be selling this to one of you people.

This service has given me over $200 with both tokens and boosting. (October to Christmas so 3 months) and is still making money today with just selling discord joiner bot. There are also 3 other bots which are not on sale as of yet.

Note: You will need some sort of token gen. I'm trying to see if I can sell the one, which allows you to join members to a server but not 100% sure as of now / still waiting.

What will you get in this purchase?
- Two domains: and
- (Has made 126,00 €) Proof:
- Discord-Boosting Website
- Discord Boosting New mockup (will need to be developed)
- Two Token Checkers (One I have the rights to resell which you can see on the shoppy)
- Two Discord Joiner Bots (One I have the rights to resell which is not on the shoppy as of now)
- Mass Server DM Bot (WIll dm everyone on the server)
- Online Bot (Allows you to put your members online)
- Thread transfer:
- Thread ownership
- 1-month support from myself if needed.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Starting Bid: $20
Bi: $5
Bin: Offer me!

Kind regards,
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