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This evening we experienced a bug which allowed a user to tag @everyone, @here and @username through our forum to discord implementation.

This allowed any user to create a thread in any publicly viewable section of the forum with @everyone, @here or @username in the title and it would tag them in the message.

Nevexo Nevexo tested this with my permission, however many other users decided to follow and create their own threads with mentions in the title - leading to many @everyone, @here and @username tags in the server.

I immediately disabled the permission to mention everyone for the bot, however it continued to be able to, so we resorted to deleting the channel & disabling that part of the addon.

I feel that it is important to mention that we were planning to issue punishment to the users who exploited this bug, however we have chosen not to do so and I hope this will be appreciated by those users.

We have also added 1.16.1 & 2.7.1 to rules to potentially combat any unlikely issues that could occur in the future and I also advise you to take a look of our rules as a lot has changed recently.

RobotPigeon RobotPigeon is currently working to remove this functionality from the addon so we can add threads back to #discussion to help keep you in the loop. I will also be reaching out to the author of the addon on XenForo forums regarding this tomorrow to see if he plans on fixing it and consider moving to another addon if not.

I hope this didn't cause any inconvenience to you or cause you to understandably leave our server, if you did then you can click here to join again now the bug is resolved.
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