Facebook accounts with bussines manager/page. Verified, aged.


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Hey guys, I'm Facebook professional Facebook account seller.. I believe with my strong background in Technology, i can help you to solve problems regarding using Facebook. Please take a look at my offer for Facebook services as below:

Country: US/EU/Australia/Global Accounts of almost all country

Aged from 2012

Account lifetime: How long an account last depends on the quality of accounts and all accounts are of premium quality

Login details: Full UID/Email/Password.

Accounts list:

  • Accounts with bussines manager daily spend 350$
  • Accounts with bussines manager daily spend 500$
  • Accounts with bussines manager daily spend 1000$
  • Accounts with bussines manager unlimited daily spend
  • Accounts with marketplace icon
  • Accounts with bussines marketplace icon
Price per account:

  • Price start from 15$, for more price cheap.

  • Immediately after receiving the payment.

  • If the account gets Banned due to a login problem, I will fix it immediately & Get it running for you. If the accounts cannot be fixed, I will replace another account for you.
  • Refund within 7 days if you are not satisfy with the account.
Payment Methods:


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