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Requesting PvPEra | Daily Events | Recruiting Staff

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by RoboticSavage, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. RoboticSavage

    RoboticSavage Member Advanced

    Hello Everyone!

    I work on a server named PvPEra, this is a server which has 5 gamemodes. The key ones being - Factions and Skyblock. This server averages around 200 players per day with daily DPs and Events hosted on the weekends.

    We are in need of new players that will add to our community, we not only have a weekly FTOP for our 2 faction servers but an IS Top and also a reward for top kills on kitmap - All FTOP details are here:

    Factions Realm 1 and 2:
    F-top #1 $40 Paypal $40 buycraft
    F-top #2 $25 Paypal $25 buycraft
    F-top #3 $16 Paypal $16 buycraft
    (Per Week)

    Skyblock IS Top:
    IS-Top #1 $250 Paypal $250 Buycraft
    IS-Top #2 $150 Paypal $150 Buycraft
    IS-Top #3 $50 Paypal $100 Buycraft

    We offer a lag and bug free server for each gamemode and would love some more competitive players added to our community. We have a discord with around 2500 members with 24/7 support and multiple staff members there to help.

    Many large YouTubers record on our server which all partake in giveaways, DPs and Events.

    PvPEra is also recruiting staff members with experience. Also in need of small but prosperous YouTubers to add to our community once more. Once again, you will be able to find all the details in-game or in our discord. Links will be down below.

    Discord: discord.gg/t3rVSqF
    Forums: universemc.us
    IP: Play.PvPEra.Com

    Thanks, Robotic.

  2. gf

    gf Active Member

    can i ask about kitpvp ? + discord is expired
  3. OP

    RoboticSavage Member Advanced

    KitPvP/Kitmap is low on players and we are currently trying to think of new ideas to boost the players. It has all the aspects to a kitmap however just does not attract our community. Shedding some light on it and coming to play would be great.