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Offering Selling server.

Discussion in 'Setups' started by Emil, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Emil

    Emil Active Member

    I currently run a server, it's got a 50-ish member Discord.
    It's got 5 servers total (bungee/hub/factions/cops & robbers/creative)

    I'm selling it due to lack of time to invest in it.
    It's had roughly $50 donated into it. We released two game modes and got a small-ish player base.

    It comes with a logo, domain etc.
    However, I will NOT post it here. Any serious offers DM me on here/Discord.

    For anybody wondering: I also need the money to pay for a book cover.

    I know there's not a lot of information here, but it's cause I don't want everybody joining/coming on and saying "oh it's being sold". I only want serious offers, PoF in PMs.
    I'm not letting it go for anything under $75, so don't DM me.

    CNR is a custom coded plugin/is being custom coded. That comes with the SRC, plugin & the developer. I've already paid for the plugin so no expenses there.

    Servers are pre-paid for in advanced, so no worries about that, and there's $22 waiting for the servers when they expire. It's $42 every 3 months for all the servers in total.

    PM me on Discord, Emil#0296 or on here for more information. PoF required.
  2. RobotPigeon

    RobotPigeon Professional borb Enhanced Advanced Developer

    I'll take it for $0.40/DAU