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Welcome to the Shocked Mc Forum Post!

(We are currently in the Development Stages)

About our Server
  • We are a Unique Skyblock server, unique in the way that we have a vast amount of custom plugins that make our server different and more enjoyable than the rest. We are trying to twist the idea of playing Skyblock, by Teaming up with friends and fighting the scary monsters that lay deep in the dungeons of Caves.

Since this is a Recruitment post, I won't be adding a lot of detail about the server but feel free to join the Discord server and check it out for yourself:

Staff Ranks
Here are all the listed ranks that you will be able to apply for:
  • Community Manager [x1] [Age +17]
  • Administrator [x2] [Age +15]
  • Moderator [x3] [Age +15]
  • Helper [x3] [Age +15]
  • Builder [Unlimited]
  • Developer [x2]
We will not be paying any of the listed ranks. We are well aware that it is tough to get builders & developers that work for free. (please do not trash our thread because of this reason)

What are we Looking for?
  • As you can tell by the Title of the post we are on the lookout for some experienced staff members, not only that also builders!. If you meet the requirements down below feel free to join our discord server and go on the #Staff-applicationschannel and type in apply.

[+] Depending on the rank your applying for your age.
[+] IGN
[+] Working Microphone
[+] Timezone
[+] Screen Recorder

These are the broader questions if you meet the requirements you may try out as a staff member. Once joined our staff members will get you started.

- Shocked Mc Team!


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