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I recently watched this movie with some friends called "That's My Boy". It was a pretty good movie I can't lie with iconic actors like Adam Sandler and Adam Sandberg. The movie displayed a lot of themes such as incest and cheating which is rather common for most movies but the way it portrayed this in a sort of silly manner was really nice and well done, it truly expressed how silly just the ideas of these actions were and it made the movie quite enjoyable. The relationship and compatibility of the characters was lively and energetic and it seemed like there was always something going on and keeping your attention on the movie. The way the characters tackled their problems helped you understand who they were and it also was fitting and seemed like you got to know the characters so much that you could almost just guess what each character would do next. Overall this movie was quite an enjoyable movie to watch and I would definitely watch it again. 9/10
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