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Selling UK Virtual Bank Account (Paypal)

Discussion in 'Other Products' started by Cassini, May 12, 2019.

  1. Cassini

    Cassini Member

    I'm selling VBA's for UK paypals, they cost $7.5 each (PP/BTC). VBA's can be used as a method of verification to help cut down the chances of being limited. You cannot withdraw to these VBA's, they are purely a form of verification.

    I have sold many off site and on other discords, but I am offering 1 vouch copy on here due to having no rep.

    If your account does end up getting limited, I will take no responsibility, but I am willing to offer another VBA to help you create a new paypal and verify that. This does NOT make your paypal 100% secure as that would need ID verification, but is much better than having no vcc or vba attached to it. If you are from the US, you can also do this (or any other country), all you'd have to do is make a UK paypal and connect using a paid VPN (dont use free ones).
  2. LamerGamerYT

    LamerGamerYT Discord Bots - Discord Setups Advanced The Nightclub

    Vouch for CassiniCassini, I bought a VBA, it works flawlessly.
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  3. Apple

    Apple ya yeet Enhanced Advanced The Nightclub

    Hey CassiniCassini, could I take a vouch copy? :smile: Thanks. I'll provide a detailed and honest review.