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Offering Webrex Minecraft Hosting | [UK] Launching Soon | UNIQUE | Powerful 16 Core CPU’s | DDR4 Memory

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by Webrex Hosting, May 22, 2019.

  1. Webrex Hosting

    Webrex Hosting Member

    Hello, my name is Aaron. I am the current Executive Director at Webrex Hosting. Webrex Hosting is a upcoming hosting provider to operate in the United Kingdom. Or goal is to provide affordable Minecraft hosting. I know it may appear weird to post a thread before launch, but we aren’t like other hosts. Let me show you why.


    Now I know the question is going to come up. What makes you unique? Allow me to go more in-depth about how we aren’t like other hosting providers.

    Wether your hosting with us, current host, or want to host with us. You are family. I, personally will help you in any way possible to make sure your experience with Webrex is the best possible. Heck, if you just want to come and vent, I’m here for that too. All of the Webrex team is.

    One thing that I see a lot of hosts doing is limiting CPU usage. We try our upmost best not to do that. The current CPU cap is 4 Cores; 400%, of a maximum of 1600%

    Sure, some may not think it’s unique, but I feel as if this is my own personal opinion; I on a personal level have put my heart in soul into this host. In fact...others have too, some that own other hosting providers have come around to help get Webrex to where it is.

    In the past we have made mistakes, we’ve lied and cheated. But no more. Webrex is aiming to be open and completely 185% honest with our clients, future clients, and even people who aren’t.

    Unlike other hosts...I don’t want to be some massive company like PebbleHost, MCProHosting, and all the others. I prefer to keep this host small-ish. Why? Because..I want to be able to control my business and connect with my clients. Big companies have one issue... they start losing control of their business once they get large. We don’t want to be that. Wether I have 1 client, or 30. I’m satisfied. I don’t do this for money I do this for fun. I enjoy making people smile. I enjoy hosting servers.

    Our website is still under development and is currently offline. We are still working on the final touches of our website, servers, and all that jazz. The thread design above isn’t going to temporarily direct you to our discord server until our website is finished. Before you ask, no we don’t sell anything yet. I have put my heart and soul into this. I hope to god it will be some sort of success. I will be honest. I am not entirely sure what I’m doing. But I will try and try again. I will ensure this host will be successful. My heart is set.

    If you have any suggestions please let us know. Thank you.

    Webrex Hosting
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  2. RobotPigeon

    RobotPigeon Professional borb Enhanced Advanced Developer

    Bit expensive, otherwise GLWS
  3. BuddyCrafted

    BuddyCrafted Master of Ideas Chat Moderator Advanced The Nightclub

    “When your here your family”, My favorite quote from Olive Garden
  4. OP
    Webrex Hosting

    Webrex Hosting Member


    Our prices are a tad bit higher then a lot of hosting providers. This is mostly due to the feature you get such as better hardware, more CPU load, and all that jazz.

    On the other hand, in my personal opinion $2.52/GB isn’t that high of a price.

    And then once again we aren’t aiming to be the most cheapest host out there either. We want to be affordable, not cheap.

    Webrex Hosting

    We choose this because it’s true!

    Webrex Hosting
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  5. Julius

    Julius Server Owner Enhanced Advanced

    Saw your thread on MCM, lots of devouches but good luck.
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  6. Bossman

    Bossman Member

    Alright a few things i should say about this host.

    The owner doesnt exactly seem to know what he is doing which can lead to bad things

    It seems set up very well (look at that thread design)

    They have a mixed past from what ive seen.

    Prices are decentish

    Features are good.

    Conclusion? This host will likely be around for a long time if they can get it all together. +1
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  7. Zack

    Zack Member

    Meme... must I say more?
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  8. Bossman

    Bossman Member

    Seemed more like attacks on there. I saw It too.
  9. Ethereal739

    Ethereal739 System Administrator Advanced

    O ma gut